Our Public Works Shop is Moving

July 12, 2016


Peace River’s Public Works Department will be moving to a new home on the west hill in September, a move that will help the Town improve service delivery and facilitates the construction of a second bridge over the Peace River.

The new building will allow Public Works to complete their move on time, and under budget, saving $1.75 million.

With the province’s budget release we learned that $160 million had been allocated for a new bridge over the river. Shortly thereafter the Town of Peace River received a notice to vacate from the Province, regarding our public works shop. This was completely expected.

Several years ago the province purchased the land that houses Public Works in order to facilitate an eventual second bridge over the Peace River. The money from that land deal was held pending the eventual request to move we would receive, in order to help find our Public Works Department a new shop.

This year additional funds were approved in the 2016 municipal budget to construct a new shop. However, a decision was made to also look for existing facilities that might suit our needs. The former Sanjel building on the west hill provides close access to our west hill fire department. The building is newer and better suited to our needs than our current location and at $2.75 million, offers a cost savings of $1.75 million from a budgeted $4.5 million.

Details are being finalized the Town expects to begin moving equipment from our old site to the new one beginning in late-July or early-August.