Notice of Bylaw Amendments

Notice of Bylaw Amendments

Bylaws to Amend the Town of Peace River Land Use Bylaw No. 1891

Pursuant to Section 606 of the Municipal Government Act, being Chapter M-26 of the Statutes of Alberta, notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Peace River will hold a Public Hearing before the first reading of Bylaw No. 2016 to amend the Town of Peace River Land Use Bylaw.

Bylaw No 2016 includes the following amendments to the Land Use Bylaw:

  • Replaces the following definitions with new definitions:
    • Accessory
    • Carport
    • Deck
    • Garage
  • Removes the following definition
    • Extension to principal building or other existing building
  • Replaces section 5(2)(m) and Section 11(1)(a) and (b)
  • Adds Section 22 Decks to the Special Land Use Provisions
  • Adds “accessory building or structure” as a discretionary use to Section 31 Commercial-Shopping Center District (C-3) and section 38 Community Development District (COM)

The Council of the Town of Peace River will hold a public hearing as follows:

5:00 pm, Monday, July 23, 2018
Council Chambers
9911-100 St
Peace River, AB

The proposed bylaws may be viewed at the Town Office during normal office hours or by clicking the link below.

If you would like to submit written comments, file a petition against the bylaw, or require further information on this proposed Bylaw please contact:

Alisha Mody, Municipal Planner at P.O. Box 6600, 9911-100 Street, Peace River, AB T8S 1S4 Ph: (780) 624-2574, Fax: (780) 624-4664.

Please forward written submissions on or before July 20, 2018 at 4:30 pm.

Proposed Bylaw 2016 (PDF – 106KB)