Non-Profit Property Tax Exemption

Property Tax Exemption

Non-Profit Property Tax Exemption

In the case where non-profit organizations own property, hold property under lease, license or permit that is used primarily for the purpose of the organization, the organization may be eligible for a property tax exemption.

How to Apply
To qualify for the property tax exemption, the non-profit organization must submit an application form with supporting information in the year preceding the taxation year. The application will then be reviewed according to the Municipal Government Act, section 362 (n) (i) to (v) and the Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation A/R 281/98 as amended. If the application is successful, the property in whole or in portion will be exempt from paying property taxes the next taxation year.

The application deadline is October 20 of the year preceding the taxation year.
Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Application Form

Applications are to be submitted to:
Corporate Services
P.O. Box 6600, Town of Peace River, Alberta T8S 1S4

Requirements for Qualification

  • A non-profit organization can qualify only if it:
  • Owns property, or holds property under a lease, license, or permit.
  • Is incorporated under the Society Act, or an entity established under a federal law or law of Alberta.
  • Uses the funds chiefly for the purposes of the organization and not for the benefit of the organization’s directors and employees.
  • Does not restrict the use of the property within the terms and meaning outlined in the regulation.

Background Materials

Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation
Municipal Government Act Government of Alberta – Tax Forms and Publications

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