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No Fire Ban in Town of Peace River

Posted April 24, 2020

At this time the Town of Peace River has not instituted a fire ban or fire restriction within the Town’s limits.

That means that backyard fires are permitted, however, they must be contained in a non-combustible fire pit with a screen to prevent the escape of embers. Enough water should be kept on hand to douse the fire if needed. The fire should be supervised at all times and completely extinguished (cool to the touch) before leaving the fire. Only cured wood should be burnt, no green or wet wood or plants, treated or painted wood, or garbage. Due to drying conditions, if you do have a fire please monitor it closely and use caution.

If the Town were to institute a ban or restriction we would notify residents by posting the info prominently on our website, sharing the details on social media and through local media outlets, info would be posted to the Alberta fire bans webpage, an alert would be issued town-wide through the Town’s Voyent Alert System, and signage would be added at the entrances to town in the case of a ban.

Forest Protection Areas

The Government of Alberta has instituted a fire ban within the forest protection areas of Alberta. While this does not apply to the Town of Peace River it does apply to areas around the Town. For details on Alberta’s fire bans please visit

Off Highway Vehicle Use

The Government of Alberta has rescinded the Off-Highway Vehicle ban in the Forest protection areas. However, under Bylaw 1831 off-highway vehicles are prohibited from being operated in public areas within the Town limits year-round. This ban on off-highway vehicle use in town applies to our parks, trails, green spaces and Misery Mountain, as well as streets and sidewalks.

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