May 25, 2021, Council Highlights

The following is a summary of decisions made by Town Council during its May 25, 2021, Regular Meeting. For an audio recording of this meeting please check the bottom of this page. The agenda and attachments are available here: Regular Council – 10 May 2021 – Minutes – Pdf (


MNP 2020 Annual Financial Report

Auditors from MNP presented the results of the Town’s 2020 financial statement (listen to the audio).


Request for Decision re: Bylaw No. 2099 Offsite Levy Bylaw

Town Council approved first reading of an updated offsite levy bylaw. As part of the Off-Site Levies Regulation, the Town is required to update our bylaw to ensure the levy rates are based on up-to-date assumptions.

The proposed bylaw will be the subject of a public open house and public consultation prior to returning to Council for second or third reading. Details on the open house will be advertised on the Town’s website in the near future.

Unfinished Business

Notice of Motion: To direct Administration to purchase the Quint aerial apparatus for the Peace River Fire Department as recommended in the apparatus study completed by the Town of Peace River.

Council approved a motion to allow the Fire Department to procure a new Quint aerial apparatus, identified in a recent needs assessment study.

The approved 2020 Capital Budget included a replacement of the Fire Department’s existing frontline response unit (Engine 8) with a new Ladder Truck. During budget deliberations Council approved a budget of$1.4 million for this project.

During 2020, the onset of COVID-19 stalled the project and administration looked more deeply into the actual needs of the department for an aerial device and whether any cost savings could be made. In March 2021, Transitional Solutions Inc. was hired to assess the community and the fire department and provide recommendations for procuring an aerial apparatus that fits the current and future needs of the community. The report was presented to Council by Transitional Solutions Inc. at the March 8, 2021, Council meeting.

The study focussed on the community profile from a fire risk perspective as well as the size and capacity of the Peace River Fire Department. The study found that the building profile in Peace River and the relative size and capacity of the fire department necessitate the purchase of an aerial platform truck for the community. In considering the needs versus wants the study found that the purchase of a new custom-built aerial apparatus is the most effective option for the Town of Peace River. A “Quint” 100’ platform style, rear mount aerial on a single axle custom-built chassis was recommended.

New Business

Request for Decision re: Proclamation Requests

Council approved a request from the Peace River Area Monitoring Program (PRAMP) to proclaim National Clean Air Day on June 2, 2021. Clean Air Day is a nationally recognized day aimed at bringing awareness to how important good air quality is to our health, our environment, and the economy.

Council also approved a request from the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association to proclaim June as Recreation and Parks Month, which recognizes the many valuable ways parks benefit individuals, families, and communities.

Request for Decision re: Request for Support of Federal Resolutions

During the May 10 meeting, MP Arnold Viersen presented to Council about the work he is doing in Ottawa. As a result of that meeting, three resolutions were brought forward at the May 25 meeting for Council to consider. The resolutions are included in the report linked above. Council received the staff report on the resolutions as information and requested copies of the legislation for review.

Request for Decision re: Waste Water Treatment Plant Secondary Clarifier Project Funding

Council approved funding for the Waste Water Treatment Plat (WWTP) Secondary Clarifier Upgrade project using $300,000 from the Municipal Sustainability Initiative Fund, $150,000 from the Federal Gas Tax Fund and $1,360,000 from long-term debt.

The clarifier is a critical stage in wastewater treatment. It separates the sludge from the effluent before the treated effluent can be released. In March Town Staff noticed that Peace River’s secondary clarifier skimmer arm had suddenly and unexpectedly started to fail and required immediate repair to avoid a catastrophic failure. The skimmer arm, which circulates through effluent separating effluent and scum, is failing. Additionally, the clarifier is sinking and settling in one corner. As a result, the clarifier needs to be repaired and re-levelled.  Both repairs are expected to add 10-15 years to the WWTP’s lifespan.

Work is now underway. A temporary secondary clarifier has been set up on-site which will allow us to drain the damaged one. With the damaged one drained this will allow us to continue operating the plant without being in contravention of our approvals license with Alberta Environment and Parks. With the damaged clarifier drained we can affect some repairs and properly investigate the scope of the problem.

For more information including a detailed breakdown of costs and planning please read the report provided to Council.

Request for Decision re: Annual Financial Statement

Council voted to approve the 2020 Audited Financial Statements for the Town.

Request for Letter of Support: Good Shepherd School Playground

Council voted to direct staff to prepare a letter of support on behalf of the Friends of the Shepherd Society playground project for the Mayor to sign. The Friends of the Shepherd Society is a parents’ group fundraising to upgrade the playground at Good Shepherd School.

Reports & Information

Meeting Audio

An audio recording of the meeting is available below.


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