Gravel Road Maintenance

Posted August 19, 2020

Starting on August 20, Public Works will be doing some road maintenance and stabilization work along gravel roads in town including gravel grading and spreading. Next week from August 26 to 28 we will be spreading calcium on those roads.

Please exercise caution if you see our crews out working, please drive slowly and give equipment room to work.

The roads we will be working on include:

  • 80th Street/ 120th Avenue,
  • 78th Street (Westbrook),
  • 99th Avenue (Mr.Mike’s/Nova to Ken Horneland Ball Park),
  • 75th Street Industrial (off of Webberville Road),
  • 98th Street (Waste Water Treatment Plant Road, from Good Shepard heading north),
  • 99th Street (Hillcrest),
  • 67th Street (West Hill), and,
  • 94th/ 95th Avenue.