Downtown Mural #1

Downtown Mural #1

Public art is something we can all share and so we are sharing our process and contacts with the hopes of encouraging and inspiring further privately commissioned murals within the community.

The committee and Town would like to thank Brent Lavergne for allowing his building to be used for this project as well as the committee members for their hard work and dedication to this project.


Our artist was Andrew Olivier, who exhibits a strong surrealist style.

About Andrew: After graduating from Grant MacEwan University in 2013, Andrew made a conscious effort to continue to develop his style of ‘evolving patterns’ while travelling and living abroad. With work in Iceland, Germany, and Canada, Andrew is continually developing his style with bigger and more complex projects while continuing his evolution as a community and mural artist. Andrew strongly believes art has the power to bring communities together and inspire positive social change. Currently partnered with the Antyx Community Arts, The City of Calgary, The Town of Peace River, Astral Harvest Music Festival and Kensington Art Supply, Andrew hopes to continue to teach, share, and inspire Alberta communities with his artistic practice.

Mayor Tom Tarpey pictured with artist Andrew Olivier, as well as community and committee members at the unveiling on Wednesday, June 19, 2016.

With the help of a Mural Selection Committee and a willing building owner, the process was completed successfully! We were excited to bring this first public art piece to the Downtown and hope it encourages and inspires further privately commissioned murals within the community.

The Town received a large number of submissions from artists with interesting and beautiful portfolios, making our selection process a difficult one. In an effort to facilitate privately commissioned murals, the town is sharing the contact information for the artists who submitted to the Call to Artists, and also indicated they would be willing to have their contact information shared with the community following the selection process.

If you have any questions, please contact Alisha Mody, Municipal Planner at

Artist Contact

Andrew Olivier

587 435-6360

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Flying Colours – David and Allan Thomas

Contact Information

780 717-8255


Robert Murray