Drive-Up Birthday Celebrations

Drive-Up Birthday Celebrations

Celebrating a birthday during a pandemic can be a challenge, that’s why the Peace River Fire Department and the County of Northern Lights Fire Services want to help.

Between now and the end of May we are accepting requests for Drive-Up Birthday Celebrations. The idea is simple, you submit a request and on the day of the birthday, we send a fire truck to your door with lights and sirens. Our hope is that we can help brighten up someone’s birthday and help make it truly special during this difficult time.

Program details:

  • Requests can be made for kids between the ages of four to 12 years old and those over 75,
  • Please provide as much advance notice as possible,
  • The request must be for locations within the Town of Peace River or the southern part of the County of Northern Lights including Dixonville south to the Town of Peace River.
  • Our crews will show up at approximately 2 pm on days when a birthday is scheduled,
  • Birthdays must occur before the end of May.*

*Program may be extended at a later date if health orders remain in effect.

Please note that the Peace River and County of Northern Lights integrated fire service is first and foremost an emergency service. If they are called to an emergency at the same time as a birthday, they will not be able to attend the birthday. If that happens please contact us and we will reschedule.