Council Newswire: February 27

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Town Council February 27, 2017 regular meeting

Significant updates from the regular meeting of Peace River Town Council are below. You can view the agenda and all Council items here.

Bylaws 1994 & 1995 Pass Third Reading

Two public hearing were held on Land Use Bylaw Amendments. After the hearing both bylaws passed second reading before being moved into third reading, both bylaws passed third reading.

Bylaw No 1994 includes the following amendments to the Land Use Bylaw:

  • Adds “greenhouse and plant nursery” as a discretionary use to the Light Industrial (M1) District and Mixed Industrial-Business (M-IB) District.
  • Replaces the definition of “Greenhouse and Plant Nursery” with the following:
    • “GREENHOUSE AND PLANT NURSERY” means a development used for the growing, storage, basic processing, and sale of vegetables, landscaping plants and their products or by-products, either in a greenhouse or garden, and for the storage and sale of related gardening and nursery goods and equipment and landscaping supplies and materials.

Bylaw No 1995 includes the following amendments to the Land Use Bylaw:

  • Rezones 10501-89 Street, Lot 10, Block 26, Plan 3176AZ from Direct Control (DC) District to Residential 4A (R-4A) District.

Bylaw 1994 (PDF)

Bylaw 1995 (PDF)

Peace Officer Policies

Recently the Town of Peace River replaced photo radar with a community Peace Officer position. That position has been filled and on Monday Council approved a collection of policies required to allow the Peace Officer to do their job.
The policies are mandated and required by the Solicitor General of Alberta. All the policies listed below have been approved by Council and will now be sent to the Solicitor General’s office for approval.

Vlll.2.1 – 2017 02 22 – RFD re Community Peace Officer Policies
Vlll.2.2 – Emergency Response – Pursuit Policy
 Vlll.2.3 – Peace Officer Extendible Baton Policy
 Vlll.2.4 – Peace Officer Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray Policy
 Vlll.2.5 – Peace Officer Record Keeping Policy
 Vlll.2.6 – Peace Officer Reporting Policy
 Vlll.2.7 – Warrant Arrest Policy
 Vlll.2.8 – Community Peace Officer Policy