Council Newswire: April 25

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Town Council April 25, 2016 regular meeting

Significant updates from the regular meeting of Peace River Town Council are below. You can view the agenda and all Council items here.

Northern Lakes Presentation

Situated on Peace River’s west hill, Northern Lakes College offers many great opportunities for learning in the community.
Members from the college presented to Council to update on the progress made by the college over the last year. With a new campus master plan in place Northern Lakes says they are set to grow and have, in 2015 there was an increase in enrollment for the college.  As a result they have brought in new programs such as Community Health Worker, Water & Waste Water Certification, and Paramedic (only college in Northern Alberta that offers that program). As a result of their success Northern Lakes College is now looking to expand student housing in Peace River.

Green For Life

The contractor that provides garbage collection services for the Town of Peace River, Green For Life (GFL) attended Council to promote the use of garbage carts for collection.
The push comes nearly a year after Peace River’s new garbage and recycling bylaw went into effect. According to GFL, waste collection carts are the future of the waste collection industry and as such they would like to see communities like Peace River take part in their system. The bins they provide in other municipalities are easily maneuvered and are animal resistant.
GFL’s offer would include the use, distribution, and maintenance of the bins at no added cost Town.
Details on the offer need to be worked out, however, Council was grateful for GFL’s time an offer.

Tax Rate Set

Pursuant to section 353 of the Municipal Government Act, each council must pass a property tax bylaw annually. The property tax bylaw authorizes the council to impose a tax in respect of property in the municipality to raise revenue to be used toward the payment of the expenditures and transfer set out in the budget and the requisitions. The property tax bylaw must set and show separately all of the tax rates that must be imposed to raise the revenue required. Other levies, collected through the municipal tax rates include the Alberta School Foundation and North Peace Housing Foundation requisitions.

Tax notices will be mailed to property owners by mid-May and all taxes are due on June 30, 2016.

Details on how municipal taxes are used are available in our Budget 2016 portal.


  • Council has added a modest increase to residential and non-residential properties to raise and estimated $750,000 to save for the arena build in 2017. As a result of that homes assessed at $350,000 can expect an increase of about $100 over the year.
  • The Alberta School Foundation Fund requisition has increased for both residential and non-residential properties. The total increase for Peace River was $171,383 or 6%. Due to assessment growth and slight increase over market values, the impact on residential property will be an increase of approximately 2% in the tax rate and a 15.8% tax rate increase for non residential properties. These rates are set by the by the Province and the Town has absolutely no control over these rates, but must act as the collection agent for the Provincial Government.
  • North Peace Housing Foundation’s requisition rate has increased by 15%. Again, this is a requisition that the Town has no control over.

More information will be available in the tax notices when they go out.