Hazardous Materials Response

Like every major center, our town has thousands of hazardous materials shipments pass through streets every day. They are transported by truck, semi-trailer, tanker truck, train and other modes of transport. Peace River as well has a number of areas that are home to a huge industrial base, including businesses which deal with a wide variety of chemicals. The potential for an accident or spill is ever-present.

The Town of Peace River is protected by a Haz Mat Team. This team is outfitted with the necessary equipment and knowledge to neutralize those situations that provide a threat to the health and safety of the environment as well as the public.

A Hazardous Material response team deals with incidents outside the realm of “normal” fire fighting using specialized tools and equipment. Situations they must deal with include, but are not limited to, spills or leaks of materials dangerous to personnel and/or the public due to their toxicity, instability, radioactivity and the like.

In this day of advancing technology there are many threats that exist. In order to deal with these situations the Haz Mat team spends many hours maintaining skills necessary to combat these threats.

The hazardous materials team responds to substance release incident that could harm employees, the public and the environment. The team responds to a wide range of incidents including:

  • Antifreeze, oil, or biological agent spills
  • Leaking gas cylinders
  • Cargo tank truck rollovers
  • Chemical Spills and leaks at industrial sites