As part of the Protective Services Department, the Bylaw Department is responsible for the enforcement of bylaws passed by Council for the Town of Peace River. Bylaw Enforcement is committed to serve, protect and provide a desired quality of life for citizens and visitors to the Town of Peace River through education to raise awareness of community standards, and enforcement of Town Bylaws to ensure timely compliance with a professional, unbiased approach.

Bylaws are a law, regulation or rules of a local government such as a town, municipal district or county. The Municipal Government Act (Section 7) authorizes Council to establish these bylaws. To view the Municipal Government Act, please click here.

Some of the most frequently requested bylaws are available below:

To request information please contact Peace River Bylaw.

Bylaw TitleBylaw Number
2017 Tax Rate Bylaw2000
Cemetery Schedule of Fees and Charges (Amends 1479)1961
Sewer Dumping and Potable Water (Amends 1911)1953
Off Site Levy1952
Debenture - Sewer Mains on West Hill1951
Tax Rate Bylaw1945
Rezoning from Primary Commercial (C-1) to Mixed Commercial-Residential (C-R) District (Amends 1891)1944
Debenture - CN Bridge1943
Group Care Facility Definition (Amends 1891)1942
Site Provisions of Section 28 Residential - Village Estate District (R-VE) (Amends 1891)1936
Peace River Municipal Emergency (Amends 1837)1932
Municipal Development Plan1931
Taxi Bylaw1958
Off-Site Levy Bylaw (Amends 1851)1929
Debenture - Paved Roads1928
Peace View Area Structure Plan1927
Rates of Taxation1926
Land Use Bylaw (Amends 1891)1924
Off highway Vehicles1831
Business License1776
Electric Franchise Agreement1966
Animal Control1832
Traffic & Streets1746
Records Retention and Disposition Bylaw1913
Records Retention and Disposition Bylaw Amendment (Amends 1913)1976
Utility Rate Bylaw1911
Amendment to Unsightly Premises1703
Amendment to Unsightly Premises1707
Unsightly Premises1426
Amendment to Unsightly Premises1558
Utility Rate Bylaw1996
Property Tax1981
Amend Municipal historical Resources Bylaw 19741980
Fees & Charges2001
Masonic Lodge No. 89 Designation1974
Borrowing Bylaw1973
Establish a Governance and Priorities Committee1972
Procedural Bylaw1962
CAO Bylaw1971
Short Term Borrowing Bylaw - Mastercard1986
Masonic Lodge No. 89 Designation1987
Amendement to remove forms1893
Addition of special land use provisions1894
Authorize the Guarantee of a Loan for the Peace Country Sports Club1988
Solid Waste1989
Airport Operations1997
Land Use Bylaw Amendment1994
Land Use Bylaw Amendment1995
Land Use Bylaw (2017 Consolidation)1891
Amendment to Landuse Bylaw1998