Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

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Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

Low or no income? There are benefits to filing your taxes! 

For Families

  • Federal Child Tax Benefit (up to $500/month/child);
  • Provincial Child Tax Benefit (up to $200/month/child);
  • Universal Child Care Benefits.

For Everyone

  • Carbon Tax Rebate;
  • GST/HST Refunds;
  • Medication Payment Assistance;
  • Provincial Medical Premium Assistance.

For Seniors

  • Old Age Security;
  • Nursing Home, Community, or Rental Living Support.

For Students

  • Education Tax Credits and Deductions;
  • Student Loan Interest Deduction.

Need Help Filing Your Taxes?

If eligible, you can participate in the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP).

Eligibility for the CVITP (based on 2019 tax slips) is determined based on household income:

Single person – up to $35,000
Couple – up to $45,000 combined
One adult with one child – up to $37,000
For each additional child – $2,500 additional income

*You must also be a resident of Peace River, Dixonville, County of Northern Lights or MD of Peace
to apply for the Town of Peace River CVITP program.

You do not qualify for this program if:

  • You have self-employed income;
  • You have business or rental income and expenses;
  • You have capital gains or losses;
  • You have employment expenses; or
  • You have filed for bankruptcy in the past.

FREE assistance to file your income taxes is only available by phoning Peace River FCSS and requesting that an application package be sent to you by mail. Once our volunteers submit your tax filing, your documents will be mailed back to you.

*No in-person services will be available due to COVID-19 protocols.*

Call Peace River FCSS now to see if you qualify and to request a CVITP Application.

Phone (780) 624-1000

If you want to file your own taxes online, go to or There may be a fee charged for these services.