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Exciting news! The Town of Peace River will be offering a variety of summer camps to the community this year. These camps will be modified to run in accordance with public health guidelines. All camps will be week-long running from July 6th – August 14th, Monday to Thursday. We are looking forward to a fun & safe summer!

Descriptions of programs and our schedule for the next week of programing are below, to view the schedule tap or click the program title.

Summer Fun

Ages: 6 – 8 years
Location: Baytex Energy Centre
Spend your summer building new friendships while enjoying a wide variety of games, crafts, and outdoor activities!

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Week 5 Calendar 

Week 6 Calendar 

River Frontiers

Ages: 8 -10 years
Location: Athabasca Hall
Enjoy new discoveries each week through outdoor play, arts & games! Come embrace your spirit of adventure!

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Week 5 Calendar 

Week 6 Calendar 

Sports Dayz

Ages: 10 – 12 years
Location: Baytex Energy Centre
This action-packed camp will have you moving! We will be putting the fieldhouse at the Baytex to the test with a variety of sports each day!

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Week 5 Calendar 

Week 6 Calendar 

General Information

The Town of Peace River understands that summer camps give our kids the chance to explore their interests and develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. They also allow parents to continue to work knowing their children are being well taken care of.

The following outlines procedures that will be taken to ensure the safe implementation of our summer camp programs following the provincial guidance for day camps.


Our summer camps will run as cohort. As per Alberta Biz Connect – Guidance for Day Camps. A cohort is defined as a group of children and staff members assigned to them who stay together throughout the week.


There will be specific drop-off and pick-up procedures in place for each camp
including exit/entrance doors and ‘no-go zones’, with sign-in happening at the front door of the building. This means that parents/guardians will not be able to enter the facility unless directed by a staff member in case of an emergency.

COVID-19 Considerations


  • Staff, parents/guardians and children must not attend the program if they are sick, even if symptoms resemble a mild cold.
  • Symptoms to look for include fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, and a general feeling of being unwell.
  • Parents/guardians will be required to check the temperature of their children daily before coming to the program.
  • Daily records of camp attendees will be kept up-to-date and available to facilitate contact tracing in the event of an outbreak. This includes visitors and special guests.

Cleaning and Disinfecting


  • If a child develops symptoms while at camp, the child should be separated from other children and parents/guardians will be notified to come and pick up the child immediately.
  • If a child requires close contact and care, staff can continue to care for the child with the use of proper PPE until the parent or guardian is able to pick them up.

Personal Protective Equipment and First-Aid

Hand-sanitizer and soap:

  • Both will be readily available and utilized frequently by staff and participants.

Cleaning Solution

  • Appropriate cleaning solution will be available for staff use to disinfect equipment and frequently used objects.



  • Gloves are not required for participants or staff, however they do remain required if staff are responding to medical aids.

First-aid kits

  • First aid supplies will be present at all program locations and a handheld kit will travel with the cohort to every destination.

Physical Distancing

  • Where possible, physical distancing practices should occur.
  • Campers will be avoiding close greetings like hugs or handshakes and encourage physically-distant greetings such as “air fives” and waves.
  • Field trips and activities requiring group transportation are prohibited. Walking and/or alternate pick-up and drop-off locations will be substituted.

Use of Shared Space


  • Cohorts located in the same building will utilize their own specific washroom to eliminate a possible shared space.

Multi-purpose rooms:

  • Programs that utilize the same space will ensure the area is cleaned before and after using the space.


  • Where a shared outdoor space is used (e.g. green space), cohorts will maintain a distance of 10 metres between groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take drop-ins?

No. Due to COVID-19 protocols we will not be taking drop-ins. Our Summer Camps are designed to run for a full week (Monday to Thursday) with the same cohort of participants. We require all participants to be pre-registered.

Will there be a waitlist?

Yes. An ongoing waitlist will be maintained throughout the summer. If space opens up in a camp, individuals on the waitlist will be notified.

Can my children bring toys from home with them to camp?

No. We prefer that all toys of special keepsakes be left at home as they might break or go missing. In addition to this, we are limiting contact of outside equipment and will be utilizing properly sanitized equipment in our programs.

What if I am late picking up my child at the end of the program?

Parents will be charged a $5.00 late fee for every 10minutes they are late picking up their child. This fee must be paid before your child can take part in any further summer camps. If late pickups become consistent your child may be asked to leave the program. Out of courtesy of our staff please ensure that you are on time each day.

What kind of lunch and snacks do we send with our child?

Nut free, healthy lunches and snacks are recommended. Each camp day, time will be allocated for a morning snack, lunch and a afternoon snack, please ensure your children have enough to fuel them for a whole day. Each child must also bring a refillable water bottle.

Does my child need sunscreen?

Absolutely! And a hat! All children must apply sunscreen before arriving at camp. Staff do not have backup sunscreen or apply sunscreen to your children. Please supply your child with sunscreen for in their backpack as staff will have allocated reapply times.

What is proper footwear for the programs?

Running shoes are required. Flip flop type shoes do not provide enough support and are a huge hazard for children. Many of our activities are high energy and require running around and walking for quite a bit of the camp day. Parents will be asked to go back home and bring runners for their child if they show up in flip flops.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

Full refund:

  • If we cancel the event
  • If you cancel before the start of the program because of a medical reason and provide a doctor’s note.

Partial refund:

  • If you cancel more than 5 days prior to the program start date (subject to $10 administration fee).

No refund if:

  • The participant does not show up to the camp and a doctor’s note is not provided.
  • Refund amount is under $10
  • Registrant has been asked to leave the program
  • If you do not cancel within the required time frame specified above.

Discipline Policy

The Town of Peace River maintains a strict policy against any displays of violence, bullying, unsafe play, and foul language. Supervisors will evaluate the circumstances and take appropriate disciplinary action when required.

Discipline Format – 3 strikes

1st incident – Verbal Warning

2nd incident – “Chill out” Time and discussion with parents

3rd incident – Discussion with parents and possible removal from camp

Children who do not follow the rules of the program and require frequent discipline may be withdrawn from the program. Final withdrawal decisions lie with the Town of Peace River, Recreation Programmer.


Registration is now open.

All summer camp registration will be done through the Town of Peace River’s new software to ensure a contactless process.

  1. Go to and click “HOME”
  2. “Create a Family Account” for you and your child/children OR, “Log-on” to your family account and ensure your child/children are added as Family Member(s).
    *If you have signed up for our Canada Day Backyard Bucket event you will already have an account*
  3. Go to the “Course Catalog” and view our “Summer Camps.” All camps are grouped by name and broken down by week, find the week that is convenient for you*
  4. Once you have chosen your desired week, click “Register Now.” The screen will prompt you to select enrollees. Choose the child you wish to register.
  5. You will then be redirected to your shopping cart, where you will review your selected course. If accurate select “Check Out.”
  6. Finally, review amount due, enter your billing information and method of payment and pay!
    *Children will not be allowed to attend camp until full payment has been received*
    To ensure enrollment, parent/guardian will receive an email notifying your child is registered for the program as well as a Medical Form that must be filled out and brought to camp on the first day.

Contact Us

For questions about the Summer Camps please call: (780) 624-3204