The Town of Peace River is considering developing 3 to 4 Business Grants, to support and incentivize (re)investment in the town, our commercial building stock, and the built environment. To develop Business Grants best suited to our community, we are asking for feedback from commercial businesses and commercial property owners. This survey will help us to select which grant categories to develop into grant programs.

To take the survey, click on the link or scan the QR code:

The survey will be open until 12:00 pm on November 8.

What grants are we considering?

The current potential grant categories are:

  • Business Revitalization Grant
  • Residential Infill Grant
  • Barrier-Free Grant
  • Patio Grant
  • Façade Improvement Grant
  • Tourism Enhancement Grant
  • Demolition Grant

The grant categories seek to address some of the challenges and opportunities facing the community, including:

  • older buildings that do not meet current accessibility standards,
  • the presence of derelict buildings,
  • the increasing popularity of patios,
  • the infrastructure efficiency opportunities of infill development and maintaining our existing building stock.

These grant options will require a specific budget and will be a level of service increase compared to current operations. The majority of the grant categories require matching or private investment in order to be eligible, i.e. the landowner or business would also have to contribute money to the project.

Will my business or building be eligible for the grants?

The details of each grant are to be determined after we select the top 3 or 4 business grant categories, which will be developed into programs. Eligibility criteria that must be finalized (and may vary for each grant) include:

  • Geographic scope (i.e. where in town a building or business needs to be located to be eligible)
  • Business / Building Owner eligibility (i.e. which businesses are eligible? Local, independent businesses? Locally owned franchises? Corporate stores?)

Some eligibility criteria that we expect to apply to all grants includes:

  • Town of Peace River business licence (if applicable)
  • Proposed project must conform to Town bylaws

How do we expect the grants will be administered?

The grants are expected to be funded by a single budget line. The grants would be distributed annually on a first come, first served basis, subject to grant approval, based on the applicant/project meeting the eligibility criteria. Once the budget for a year is expended, the grant programs would close until the next year and future budget allocations.