Airport Announcement

peace river regional airport

For Immediate Release
May 9, 2016

Peace River Airport Becomes Regionally Operated

Peace River’s airport has long been an important part of the north Peace region and now with the formation of the Peace River Regional Airport Society (PRRAS) it will be managed and operated as a regional facility.

Following months of collaboration between five municipalities, Northern Sunrise County, County of Northern Lights, Town of Peace River, Town of Grimshaw and the M.D. of Peace are excited to announce the formation of the Peace River Regional Airport Society. The regional airport society is an initiative that will assume responsibility for the running and management of the Peace River Airport.

The society would see financial, operational and management responsibilities shared by the member municipalities under an intermunicipal partnership that will ensure the long-term stability and viability of the airport.

Lac Cardinal Regional Economic Development has been facilitating the municipal sessions and have in addition funded an economic development strategy for the airport with the intent of identifying new opportunities to grow the airport and surrounding lands.

“Lac Cardinal Economic Development has been vital in bringing our municipalities together to recognize the value and regional nature of this airport,” said Town of Peace River Mayor, Tom Tarpey.

“The airport is a valuable economic resource, and is equally important for the provision of medical evacuation services and fire suppression for the region. It is exciting to see the municipalities working together on this regional project,” added Carolyn Kolebaba, Deputy Reeve of Northern Sunrise County and the Chair of the airport committee.

Pictured from left, Peace River Mayor Tom Tarpey, MD of Peace Reeve Veronica Bliska, County of Northern Lights Reeve Cheryl Anderson, MD of Peace Deputy Reeve Bob Willing, Grimshaw Town Councillor Peter Jonk, Northern Sunrise Country Deputy Reeve and Society Chairperson Carolyn Kolebaba, Peace River Town Councillor Colin Needham, Grimshaw Town Councillor Dave Allan, Lac Cardinal Economic Development Officer Dan Dibbelt, and Peace River Chamber of Commerce General Manager, and William Stewart, the Airport’s Transportation and SMS Manager.

The municipalities have been meeting for six months working out funding formulas, terms of reference and management details. Each municipality has contributed considerable time in ensuring the Peace River Airport remains a vital resource for all the communities that utilize it.

“The Town of Peace River, along with the regions’ municipalities recognize the value of the airport and are committed to this great regional asset and this great regional initiative,” added Tarpey.

The Peace River Regional Airport Society is pictured at the airport.