Posted: January 17, 2023

The Planning and Development Department of the Town of Peace River has begun an Active Transportation Plan Project to identify the existing and future active transportation network for the community, with a focus on the west side of the river, where links between and within neighbourhoods are incomplete. This project will provide the Town with a plan for how to prioritize, build out and improve our active transportation network over time. The project is funded by the Town of Peace River and the Government of Canada through the Active Transportation Fund. The project is being completed in partnership with Bunt and Associates Engineering Ltd and Uplift Engagement Communications Inc.

Phase 1 community engagement opportunities have begun.

This project is consistent with the Town Council’s Strategic Plan, which includes the goal to “Build a physically connected community”, and the following strategies to meet that goal: “Increase opportunities for citizens to use the Peace River bridge walkway,” and “Provide clean and safe parks and trails that attract users.

What is active transportation?

Active Transportation (AT) includes any form of human powered or power-assistant transportation and is often synonymous with cycling and walking. There are many other forms such as skateboarding, in-line skating, skiing, and skating.

Advancements in technology have introduced new forms of transportation including pedal assist or fully electric bicycles, electric scooters and skateboards and other mobility assistance devices, known as micro mobility devices. These micro mobility devices expand the number of people who can make use of active transportation networks.

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Active Transportation Plan – Town of Peace River