The 2024 Asphalt Overlay and Sidewalk Replacements Program is starting up!

What is the Town’s Asphalt Overlay and Sidewalk Replacements Program?

The Asphalt Overlay and Sidewalk Replacements Program is an annual program that maintains the transportation networks by rehabilitating areas of road or sidewalk that need some attention due to our own utility work, age, or based on inspections performed by Administration.

The annual program is subject to the annual budget approved by Town Council and evolves year to year as the scope changes, new items are identified, or priorities shift. The approved funding is not enough to keep everyone driving on new pavement, and so Administration generally prioritizes the work to get the best value for the community. Work that is identified but not completed in a given year gets tracked so it can be captured or addressed in a future years’ overlay program.

Design for any given year typically begins at the start of the year once the budget has been approved by Council with the aim that work is tendered and construction is completed by the end of October that same year.

What’s the project scope for 2024?

The Town of Peace River has contracted Wapati Gravel Suppliers, a Division of COLAS Western Canada for $1.14 million.

Work includes rebuild base, curb & gutter, sidewalks and road surface of 73rd Ave by École des Quatre-Vents and approximately $320,000 in other road and sidewalk patches around the community.

Signage will go up and roadwork notices with additional information will be shared to affected residences once the contractor begins to mobilize to the various sites.

Project Drawings

Drawings for the project are available here: 21310061113_AOSR_2024_IFT_FINAL (1)

When will the 2024 construction start?

Project Start: Contractor will begin mobilizing equipment July 8, 2024, to the area around EQV and then move to the other work areas as they begin to complete the work.

Project End: Contractor is currently aiming to complete the work by August 30, 2024.

Will there be impacts to access?

You bet there will be! However, the contractor has committed to working hard and limiting the amount of disruption required.

Residents in affected areas will receive additional communication from the contractor prior to the beginning of construction that will limit access, and we’ll try to post information on our social media ahead of any road closures as the contractor makes us aware of them.

The majority of sites will have at least one lane of traffic open at any given time while performing the work.

If you live in an area where there is construction and its garbage or recycling day, put it out like normal and the contractor will make sure it gets out to the truck and back to the spot where it should be dealt with. If it ends up missed, which can unfortunately happen, give our office a call at 780-624-2574 or send us an email at [email protected] with your address and we’ll try and get someone over to deal with it as soon as we can.

Two work areas will require multi-day road closures and detours to coordinate the ground work and paving – one near the railway on 80th street and the work on Judah Hill. We’re sorry, we understand it sucks, but we don’t think it can be avoided for these two. Our contractor will hopefully give us sufficient notice for you to plan around it and work as fast as they can to get these done when it comes time to do the work though.

Contact for more information:

Town of Peace River: [email protected] – please include a note in the body and subject line that identifies it as a “Town of Peace River – 2024 Overlay” question and it will get routed to the appropriate person and we’ll aim to have a response back from our contractor’s team to you within 48-72 hours. If it is an issue requiring immediate attention please contact our public works department directly at 780-624-3085.