Green TRIP Funding

From left, Tom Tarpey, Peace River Mayor, Debbie Jabbour, MLA for Peace River, and Ryan Konowalyk, Regional Director for Alberta Transportation are pictured during the announcement for Peace River's Green TRIP Funding.

Peace River will be delving back into public transit with a renewed focus on accessibility and the environment.

With help from the province through their Green Trip funding we will be able to offer Peace Riverites affordable, accessible transit. This will serve to strengthen our community at large while enhancing our economic capability. The Province will be providing $355,000 to help Peace River purchase accessible buses.

Provincial press release

Town of Peace River press release

“Expanding public transportation throughout Alberta is a priority for our government. The GreenTRIP funds we are committing will help get people moving while preparing our growing communities for the future.”
Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

“I’m very excited that our government is investing in Peace River and bringing public transit to our community for the first time. Our funding is increasing mobility for those who don’t drive and providing greener alternatives for those who do.”

Debbie Jabbour, Peace River MLA

“This is great news that will help Peace Riverities get around their town with greater ease. Peace River Transit will get young people to after-school jobs, help our citizens with limited mobility to access healthcare and the community in general, as well as making Peace River a more attractive location for businesses.”

Thomas Tarpey, Mayor of Peace River

Transportation Study (2014)