Downtown Mural


Calling all artists, teams of artists and those specializing in outdoor murals, the Town of Peace River is seeking proposals to develop community murals located in downtown. We’re looking to develop murals that enhance the downtown core, adding colour, vibrancy and visual interest to blank walls.
Deadline to apply is noon, February 1, 2016.


The murals are meant to enhance the downtown core, adding colour, vibrancy and visual interest to blank walls. The Mural Selection Committee has not selected a specific theme, but wishes to work with an artist capable of a design that will incorporate bright colours, and may include 3-D, trompe d’oiel, or other artistic effects. The murals are to be painted on a combination of dibond aluminum panels and cinderblock or brick, depending on the design of the mural, onto the sides of selected downtown buildings. The mural artist will work with the Mural Steering Committee to determine and finalize the mural subject matter and design.

The Site

The photograph above is intended to provide a general overview of the mural location.   A secondary location may be selected, budget permitting.

Restrictions on Mural Content

Tags, acronyms, registered trademarks, or commercial advertising are not permitted as part of the artwork. Furthermore, a business’ name or logo is not allowed as part of the artwork as all murals have been sponsored the Town of Peace River.
The signature of the artist, or any other mark which references the artist may be placed in the right-bottom of the mural, and may not form part of the overall design.

The Project

It is anticipated the project will include the following steps, which the artist(s) will be responsible for:

1.    Work with committee to determine and finalize a design concept.
2.    Prepare and prime the walls.
3.    Paint the mural.
4.    Prep and apply a UV/anti-graffiti protective coat to the entire wall.
5.    Provide a list of all materials/colors used to the Town of Peace River for future reference.

Mural Maintenance

The Town of Peace River is providing funding for the maintenance, upkeep and decommissioning of each mural. Maintenance of the murals is the responsibility of the Town of Peace River for a period of 10 years. Afterwhich, the Town will have the option to renew its respsonsiliby. The artist(s) will retain artistic intellectual property rights for five years, afterwhich the Town of Peace River may repair or remove the mural without the consent of the artist.


The Town of Peace River Mural mural project is open to professional artists or artist teams.  Interested artists or artist teams must submit their qualifications, the proposed methods to complete the work within the given timeline, and a project budget.  The selected artist/s must provide their own scaffolding/ladders/lifts to complete the work.  The artist may be required to have $2 million liability insurance , WCB and a GST number.  The artist should indicate if they are able to meet this criteria.


The total project budget is $10,000. The Town may choose an artist to complete one mural or multiple murals in multiple locations.

Artist Selection Process & Criteria

All submitted & complete applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • 35 % Skill: mastery or skill in mural design and implementation
  • 20% Price: ability to work within the budget
  • 15% Schedule: ability to meet project deadline
  • 15% Experience: successful completion of public mural of a similar nature
  • 10% Extras: Any desirable process or product elements that the Artist can provide, which go above and beyond the requirements of the Call to Artists
  • 5% Local: an artist or team located in northern Alberta (as defined by the Northern Alberta Development Council)

The Peace River Mural Selection Committee will review submissions and make their selection based on the above criteria.

Application Guidelines and Timeline

Artists working as a team must identify one person as the primary contact.
All applications must include:

  • A letter of interest
  • Current resume and three reference letters.  If this is an artist team submission, resumes should be included for all participants
    Proposed project steps
  • A cost proposal and project schedule to complete the project
  • Visual documentation of past works submitted.  Include a maximum of 10 images, preferably jpeg, pdf, or tiff format; minimum of 150 dpi for approximately 6” x 9” images on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM related to successful completion of murals and mural restoration projects with a brief description of the work shown
  • Documentation List: All support materials and visual documentation must be clearly listed on a separate sheet and include details of photo credit, date, size, medium, etc

Submissions Due – February 1, 2016 @ noon
Project Awarded – March 2016
Painting Begins – Spring/Summer 2016 with consideration given to weatherProject Complete – September 16, 2016

Post-Selection Process

The Artist is responsible for completing all research and, consultation with the committee required to design and implement the mural project. Final approval of the design concept will be based on a full colour rendering. Decisions by the review committee will be final.
The Mural Selection Committee includes a representative from each of the following groups:

  • Planner from Planning and Development Department
  • Director of Community Services
  • Peace River Museum
  • Two youth representatives
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Peace of Art community group
  • Building Owner

Deadline for Submissions

Please note that applications will not be accepted by fax or email.

Applications can be downloaded and submitted.

All materials must be submitted in a sealed envelope by hand, mail or courier by noon on February 1, 2016 to:
Town of Peace River
Mural Selection Committee
Attn: Alisha Mody, Municipal Planner
9911-100 Street Peace River, AB T8S 1S4

Contact: For more information contact Alisha Mody, Muncipal Planner at 780-624-2574 or
All applications will be retained as a record of the proposal process.
Loss or Damage: While every precaution will be taken to prevent loss or damage, the Peace River Mural Selection Committee and their agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage, however caused.
Contract: The selected artist(s) will enter into a contract with the Town of Peace River.